Tuesday, December 10, 2013

fancy finds {spreading holiday cheer}

I started out my holiday cards with the best of intentions.  I was going to knit a pair of miniature mittens to put on the front of each card.  I quickly realized halfway through my first mitten I wouldn't be able to finish until Christmas of next year...  This weekend I went back to square one, figured out plan B and will share the finished product next week, but each year I regret biting off so much work during the busy holiday season and about half way through the project wish I had gone the store bought route.  Need some ideas yourself?
The MOMA cards are absolutely adorable and I love that they are 3D.  I feel like the mitten card is taunting me....
My other go-to for cards is the Paper Source for their range of styles.  From cheeky, to pretty, to modern they will have something to fit your personality.

Ill be watching Home Alone and toiling away on my DIY over here, but if you need a laugh be sure to check out the 26 Worst Holiday Cards of All-Time.

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