Monday, December 23, 2013

crafting with friends {christmas grill club}

Almost every single week for over a year the grill club has been in effect. Once a week we get together after mid-week break.  As I was setting out to write this post I was trying to place my finger on what makes me like grill club so much.  Yes, it is nice to be able to set aside this time in our busy schedules week after week but what really struck me was that I could not think of a single grill night that didn't lift my mood.
friends crafting 

friends crafting
Usually we pick a theme for each grill night (Brazilian night, Korean bbq, pizza on the grill, traditional grill night, appetizer night...) This week we decided on a Christmas therem - to craft ornaments, bake cookies, exchange gifts and have a grill club feast.  It was another fabulous night that left me feeling very grateful to have such a special group of friends. 
friends crafting

**It was a late night and I forgot to take pictures of the ornaments once they were dry.  Ill update with pictures soon!**


  1. Grill Club is the MOST fun! And check out those cute kitties! They must lift your mood as well ;)