Monday, May 14, 2012

office space

I have been logging some long hours at my desk.  It has me day dreaming about pretty work spaces.  
 Just because it's utilitarian, doesn't mean it can't be fancy!  A secretary is both practical and pretty.

I have made my desk my own, but a girl can dream...
of pretty, bright, velvet chairs.

As people become more mobile they seem to be abandoning the traditional work space.  I enjoy having a specified spot to get into business mode.
What does your work space look like? Do you have one or do you work in different spots?  Anyone else feel like a little desk redsign now?!  You can get some more inspiration over on my pinterest.


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  2. What I wouldn't give to have a workspace like this! My workspace is spread throughout the house. My laptop is just on a tv-dinner stand, but I have an entire office upstairs with my printer and etsy inventory, and a table downstairs with drawing and graphic design supplies... I guess it's just difficult for me to stay in once room, lol :/

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  3. Sometimes it is just as nice to move around, Aya!


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  5. I know this post has been around way backs 2012 apologize for the bump but just want to appreciate how it's being arranged. Not so fancy but the desk and chairs are its main showpiece. You know even if you are working you still want to feel the essence of your home sweetie home.