Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I enjoy following people on Instagram not only because it's a small window into their lives, but because I have discovered some really, really impressive talent.
Instagram has become controversial because it can turn anyone into a photographer.  People claim that any photo will look pretty with a filter on it.  I disagree.  The talent that I have discovered are those that clearly have an eye for composition: color, line, framing, and pattern.  These are the things that a filter do not change. 
I will support my claim with the work of Mr. Michael Turner - username: mickeyreds - whose work I have used throughout this post.  He continually impresses me with everything from his nature shots to pictures of Citizen's Bank Ballpark (that I am pretty sure the Phillies should buy from him!)
Who is your favorite Instagrammer?  Do you use Instagram for daily inspiration?  Also, make sure to follow me as well! username: aslongasitsfancy


  1. Very good. I agree the Phills should buy his pics.

  2. These photos are amazing!

  3. that guys a pro percussion player!

  4. I have too many to list, but a few of my faves are photographers I follow on multiple fronts (blogs, instagram, Facebook, etc...).

    Jeffrey Mosier - mosier (my wedding photographer :D)
    Susan Stripling - susanstripling (AMAZING wedding photographer)
    Tim King - timkingphoto

    And you of course can always follow me username - karpatchi. So far my posts have all been photos off of my iPhone. It's something I do on purpose to kind of challenge myself without fancy equipment :)