Wednesday, April 18, 2012

maximizing my new gift

I apologize for my short absence.  The internet has been in and out at my house.  Once I spoke with Comcast on Monday it seemed to be resolved -- until there was an outage throughout the entire area for almost the entire day!  I planned to catch up yesterday, but I got suddenly sick.  It's always something...
Luckily, this weekend was problem-free, since my friend is visiting from Africa and it was filled with girl-talk, drinks, and brunches.  She was so sweet and brought us all a woven bag.  I opted to choose a larger one so that it could work as a clutch.  Now it's time to plan another weekend with the girls and I am going to be centering my outfits around my new present!
 brunch: necklace, dress, shoes
dinner: lipstick, dress, ring, shoes

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