Friday, March 9, 2012

wrapping up the week

Recently, one of my engaged friends has been expressing a bit of separation anxiety...
from her last name.  She loves her Irish name and will be changing to a English surname.  For her birthday I decided to ease her trepidation by showing her how fancy her new monogram will be!  
I started by making an embossed monogram card.  I simply drew her monogram in pencil to get it perfect.  I looked up calligraphy alphabets online to get an idea of what I wanted.  Next, I used a pen that has embossing ink in it to trace my pencil marks.  It is important to make sure that the ink is still wet when putting the powder on, so I worked in small sections.  Finally, heat the powder to set.
Unfortunately, her thematic gift did not arrive in time for her actual birthday so I just gave her a little something.  I found some great brown paper with prints.  Doesn't the lace pattern on this one look ultra realistic?
I can't share her actual gift because I know she will read this before her party on the 17th, but I will be sure to update you after that!  Have you been monogramming anything lately?
images via tara hewlett

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