Thursday, March 15, 2012

sew right

I have been costuming a production of Oliver these past few weeks.  The pieces I have sewn for the show have me thinking that I can make some pretty pieces to add to my own closet.  Which project do you think I should start with?
1, 23
1 , 2
1, 2
What have you made to wear lately?  Have you made any no-sew projects that have been successful?


  1. omg they're all so pretty. I think the first one and the little bows are a good start...and the basket weave one..AMAZING!! I would be willing to be a model for any and all of these creations=)

    I unfortunately do not know how to sew. Really wanting to learn!


  2. Thanks for the support from both of you! I have to wait until the production of Oliver is over and Im not spending all of my free time sewing orphan costumes. I cant wait to get started and spruce up my spring wardrobe!