Wednesday, December 28, 2011

its the holiday season...

...and it's time for our annual girls' holiday party!  I'm not quite sure, but I believe this is our 7th annual girls holiday party.  It's a great way to make sure that we all carve out some time in our busy schedule to reconnect.  It's also a great time for me to put together some crafty party ideas.
An upside down wine glass collection is perfect for any holiday.  You can fill with seasonal items and top with candles for a pretty centerpiece.
As always, I work with what I have.  Champagne glasses hold candy, extra ornaments hang in the window and mason jars are scattered throughout with greens and battery-powered candles.
The punch glasses were jazzed up with some color coordinating candy canes.
The table was dressed up with a poinsettia trim around the edge and all glass serving platters sparkle from the Christmas lights strung under the table.
Labels in front of the different types of liquor help guests decide on drinks to mix.
I made a small treat for guests to take home as well.  A champagne flute with a bit of glitter, happy holidays tag shaped like hard candies and homemade chocolate covered pretzels!
I would have to say that the hit of the night were the photo-op holiday props...
images via tara hewlett


  1. Gorgeous stuff - so many great ideas here!! I really loved your centerpieces and photo props!

  2. This is so cute, love what you do with the wine glasses.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful ideas, I can't wait to try them this holiday season.

  4. Love the photo props.. think ill try that for my womans cocoa nite on the 23rd

  5. All great ideas! I showed them to my adult daughter as well,and she especially loves the first wine gasses and votive candles as well as the take home gifts! I love them too, but my favorite whuld have to be the photo ops! What a great idea! I saw your blog in "Top Drawer" in the News and Observer today, you were a wise choice! So glad to have found you!

  6. Love the upside down glasses with the colored Christmas balls and the candle on top!!! Also the photo op sticks were really cleaver.

  7. Thanks all!! I hope you were able to try this out on your holiday tables!

  8. Very nice , i like the idea with the candle on the glasses, just did that in our home. Thank your for the post.