Thursday, November 3, 2011

halloween crafting update!

I haven't been able to upload pictures until now, so I apologize for sharing my Halloween crafts a few days late.  I started out on my Halloween costume by spray painting an old costume's corset gold and adding a green/shiny skirt.  The skirt was easy to add.  I just stitched two layers of fabric right to the bottom of the corset.  It only got a bit tricky when I did the bottom hem and made the front shorter than the back.  The most important thing when trying something new in sewing -- pinning and repinning before you cut and sew.
images via tara hewlett
Next, I set about making the snakes.  For the snakes on my dress I made a simple tube out of green velvet and gold faux snake as a body and velvet covered foam for the head.  For the snakes on my head I spray painted plastic toy snakes.  Obviously, I used rhinestones for eyes - even snakes need a little bling.
  Here is the finished product!  (I apologize for the bad photos, but I didn't remember to take a shot of myself before I went out!)
I even dressed up my drinks all night!
And even though I was in Chicago, I most certainly did not forget about the puppies!

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