Wednesday, November 23, 2011

giving thanks

Want to dress up your table and have your guests leave with more than just turkey?  I created a small favor that can double as place settings. First, you want to start by separating the blue and green M&Ms from the rest. 
images via tara hewlett
Next you need to cut sandwich bags down to create bag that resembles a cone.  You will need to tape one side in order to create this shape.
The last step is raffia. I flattened the raffia out and laid it in a fan shape under my cone.  To finish, I just tied it on at the top and bottom of the cone.
For presentation purposes and travel I nested the "corn" in a box with more raffia.  I also added some leaf tags with names so my favors could double as place settings.  What did you decorate your table with?!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Tara! These little candy gift bags are ADORABLE (and delish!). Great idea! This Thanksgiving, Im grateful for all my new-found blog friends!


  2. Oh you've changed the blog layout :O Happy Thanksgiving =D!

  3. Thanks for noticing the new layout ladies! Ill have a post up next week noting the changes and reasons behind the decision! Hope you are both well!