Friday, October 28, 2011

wrapping up the week

So sorry to "leaf" you hanging this week, but I  have been busy with moving and getting settled.  Hopefully, next week I will be back on schedule with some super fancy posts!  Today, I want to to "leaf" you with a fancy wrapping post.  I started out with my favorite base of plain brown paper wrapping and twine.
images via tara hewlett
Because all of the gifts are for someone with a country decor, I wanted to carry the theme into the wrapping.  I was trying to figure out how to carry the theme through for awhile, but I finally settled on leaves.  
Bringing the outdoors in is always a way to convey country in your home, decor, and gift wrap.  
Take a look at the plants around you to see what you can use.  Especially if you live in evergreen areas, because evergreens last so long that you could wrap your gifts far in advance of the event and be assured of fresh, green gift adornments. 
Has anyone else tried using leaves instead of bows on their gifts?

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