Wednesday, October 5, 2011

on the right "tack"

I found a gorgeous fall wreath at Madigan Made and decided to give it a try myself, but I tweaked it a bit by using a larger wreath base.  I picked up a small piece of ribbon, brass tacks from the dollar store and my foam wreath base.
images via tara hewlett
The second photo in shows my progress with one pack of tacks.  The third is how far I got with my original four packs and realized I would need to make a trip to pick up more tacks.  Also, if you are going to try this yourself, don't worry about keeping the tacks in a straight line.  When complete, you can't tell if they are lined up or not.
You could switch out the ribbon on your wreath depending on the occasion.  You could also decorate for the occasion by adding to the basic gold wreath, but note that the tacks do make the wreath a bit heavy so you don't want to add much more weight.

**I apologize for some fuzzy photos; I used my phone camera because I was unable to find the battery for my DSLR tonight.

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