Sunday, September 18, 2011

sunday sparkle

I apologize for missing the regularly scheduled wrapping up the week on Friday, but I was out celebrating my friend's engagement!  In celebration, this Sunday Sparkle is dedicated to wishing her a most fancy wedding!
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Fabulous shoes are always a must, so on your special day they are a necessity!
1, 2, 3
Unexpected notes of glitter throughout the event add some personality.
1, 2
Adorable and whimsical glitter bird cake toppers could be the focal point on a simple cake.
Subtle sparkle added to flowers, vintage broaches made into a bouquet and a glittery wrap are all interesting ways to dress up your bouquets!
1, 23

Congratulations Bridget and Johnny!! 

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  1. TARA!!!!!!! This is amazing! Thank you so much for celebrating with us and inspiring me to be super fancy! (Did you have any doubt???)