Wednesday, August 24, 2011

find of the week

I have a few vanity sets; and while I'm not quite sure how you display this type of collection, they are too pretty not to collect.  You many not want several sets, but perhaps you could choose a favorite from my Etsy finds below for your dresser.
1, 2, 3
The sets above are all bakelite or lucite, and the sets below are glass.  Either option looks pretty as long as you have the whole set or close to complete.  I wouldn't recommend mixing sets or it will end up looking too busy.
1, 2
The sets below are brass and a bit more ornate, so be sure that they take center stage on your dresser or in your bathroom.
The final set I found is just like the set my mom has always had on her dresser.  She had these, a wooden jewelery box, and a vanity tray with perfume. 

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