Tuesday, August 2, 2011

find of the week

I was recently catching up on reading through some Martha Stewart magazines that got backlogged.  Each month there is an article that gives some background information on different collectibles and how to find and start your own collection.  I'm not sure which month it was, but there was a great article on watermelon potholders.  (You can see the online version of the article here.
I had never heard of these and thought they were adorable.  I think they would make such a pretty display piece in a kitchen.  When I shared the idea with my mom, she gave me one!  A very close family friend had made it decades ago and I was unaware that we had it!  Its the start of my collection.
images via tara hewlett
Its even better when you can start a collection with something of sentimental value.  Sometimes the "find of the week" can be as close as that forgotten drawer, attic, or unopened box.

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