Thursday, August 18, 2011

dying to be patriotic

I loved Kate Bosworth's shirt at this year's Coachella.  Because imperfections are part of the look, I decided this would be a great candidate to recreate.
I picked up some RIT dye and a plain white tank.  I cut out some stars from newspaper as a guide, placed tape over the star, then cut the tape a bit larger than the newspaper star.  I also created a border around the stars with tape.  Don't forget to put something between front and back to keep dye from soaking through!
image via tara hewlett
Next it was time to apply blue dye.
image via tara hewlett
I let this dry and thew in the wash per the instructions on the dye.  After the blue was set, I taped off the stripes and repeated the dye process with the red dye to create the stripes.
image via tara hewlett
The most important things to keep in mind when doing this project are: to let the dye dry completely before washing, wash only in cold water, shout color catchers can help with bleeding, and don't wish for anything too perfect!
Has anyone else tried to dye fabrics in a more challenging way than the standard tie-dye?
image via tara hewlett

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