Saturday, July 30, 2011

wrapping up the week

I was playing around with some watercolor combinations and realized that I could use the concept to make some pretty gift wrap.  I choose my favorite colors combinations from when I was mixing colors and set out creating a random pattern.  I literally used a 12 color kids watercolor set and my elementary school knowledge to mix up different colors.  For example, I played around with blue and red combos until I found a purple I liked. 
 images via tara hewlett
In the end, my pattern turned out very Ikat which is definitely on trend right now in fashion and home decor.  And really, why shouldn't your gift wrap follow trends as well? 
 The only issue with watercolor is that it can warp the paper, so I set my artwork under a few heavy books to make wrapping a bit easier.
 To finish up the look, I used the black ribbon which grounded the colorful, abstract pattern. 

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