Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chain links

Friendship bracelets have always been big on the summer activity scene.  I used to have tons of embroidery thread and would spend a lot of time coming up with different color combinations and even more time braiding and weaving.   The traditional woven bracelet has gotten a chain addition to make it more "grown up" friendly and I have been seeing them everywhere recently.
I used directions from Honestly...WTF to get the basic weaving instructions and then set out with some chain and pretty embroidery thread.  I started by attaching clasps before it got too tricky after the thread was attached.
remaining images via tara hewlett
 Next, I followed the instructions on Honestly...WTF to weave the tread onto the bracelet.  The best tip they gave was to use bobby pins to help you pull the thread through the links.
 In the end, I wish I had a chunkier chain, but love the colors!
 I wanted to try something different with my other set of colors, so I decided to weave the thread in between two chains. 
 This time, the weaving was definitely much trickier.  The best advice I can give you, is to keep the "over/under" of the colors the same the duration of the bracelet.  It got confusing at a few points and I definitely had to unweave a few links back to straighten it out. 
In the end I ended up with two super cute DIYs of the grown up friendship bracelet! Has anyone else given this a try?

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