Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had a friend commission me to make a belt recently.  She had a black dress and wanted to wear some cobalt blue heels for a pop of color, but needed a way to tie them in.  She gave me the guidelines for a belt: peacock feathers, flowers and cobalt blue ribbon.  
I started by making the flowers from two widths of cobalt ribbon.  I cut templates from card stock - a rectangle the width of the ribbon and then curved at one end.  I use this to then cut "petals" from the ribbon and strung five petals onto a needle.   Then I pushed petals onto thread and pulled thread into circle to create flower.  I made the flowers from both sizes of ribbon so I could layer the smaller and larger flowers to create something more three dimensional.  I finished the flowers with some rhinestones to cover up the bunching in the center and to add some more interest.
Next, because I was shipping the belt and not able to measure to make sure it fit, I applied Velcro to hold the belt together.  I was very liberal the Velcro so that she could adjust the belt either larger or smaller if necessary.
Finally, I arranged the feathers and flowers to cover the Velcro at the largest point.
Because this was my first commissioned project, I wanted to make sure that the packing was pretty! I also included some extra Velcro, rhinestones and flowers just in case she had any last minute repairs.  Hopefully she'll share pictures of her outfit!
 (I apologize for the less than glamorous camera phone shots.  New camera to come soon hopefully.)

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