Saturday, May 7, 2011

kentucky derby

Today I headed to an actual race track for the first time.  Last week was all about the hats of England with the royal wedding.  This week, it's our turn to don our best hats as we watch the Kentucky Derby.  
It seems that hats are a recent trend in the states, however, they aren't usually as much of a statement as the hats seen at the derby.  Its the perfect opportunity to wear a hat that is completely over the top.
I didn't have a large hat handy, so I used a mini straw hat I had laying around (not sure where it came from) and some other odds and ends to create a mini hat that was more of a fasinator.  I glued a clip on the inside so that it could rest askew on my head.  My hat didn't fly around in the wind and my view of the races wasn't obstructed.  Unfortunately my bets weren't winners, but a day at the race track was definitely a fun way to pass the afternoon.  I hope that your picks were more lucky than mine!

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